The adventure of a lifetime!

Join the adventure of a lifetime in your own home or outside with four friends from the land of Farhaven! Ruka, Diso, Oops, and Muun need your smarts, muscle, inventory, and a little magic to bring back peace and unity to their world and ours. You are one of the main characters in the story!

There is a world not too far from ours.

It is filled with magic, fairies, and wonders unfound.

That is, until it found you...

Stuck indoors? Want to play outside? Farhaven is the game for you. You choose where to play!

Farhaven is a casual point-and-tap adventure game, inspired by the classics and brought to life by augmented reality (AR). Its interactive story connects your world with Farhaven for a truly immersive experience.

Wolf mask
  • No In-App Purchases required. All levels are included.

  • Younger players will clean their bedroom floors to play this game!

  • Players put their brains to work while solving simple puzzles.

  • Players of all ages love it!

  • ARKit-compatible Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • Camera permissions for Apple ARKit to see your world.
  • Audio volume to hear character dialog and gameplay directions. Use a pair of headphones if needed.
  • Enough artificial or natural lighting wherever you choose to play.
  • A fixed location whenever you play—either indoors or outside. Unfortunately, the game cannot be played while driving, flying, taking public transportation, or riding horseback due to Apple ARKit requirements.